AIN全智網科技推出的CISCO認證課程,其中一位講師是由全球知名的CISCO技術專家Chris楊威講師主講。Chris楊威講師擁有CISCO認證領域五大領域的CCIE證照(R&S, Security, Service Provider, Data Center 以及 Collaboration 五大領域 CCIE),並且擁有超過25年的網路實作技術和20年以上的授課經驗,是您學習CISCO認證課程的唯一指標。在課程講授技和實務經驗分享方面,Chris楊威講師是業界公認的佼佼者,他的課程內容豐富、深入淺出、易於理解。尤其是在Collaboration課程指導、Lab演練上,更獲得了CISCO原廠CCSI主考官的大力推崇及讚許。

AIN全智網科技的講師團隊除了擁有CCSI的資格外,更是CCIE頂級國際證照的持有人,其專業水準是無庸置疑的。目前,AIN全智網科技是台灣市場上唯一提供CISCO其他五大領域(DevNet、Security、Service Provider、Data Center以及Collaboration領域)全系列認證課程的網路及資安專業訓練中心。除了公開班的認證課程,企業也可以針對客製化提出包班需求,AIN全智網科技專業的講師團隊會提供最專業及符合企業需求的客製化包班,打造全新、最具競爭力的資安服務。


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AI Network has launched a series of Cisco certification courses, one of which is taught by the globally renowned Cisco expert, Chris Yang Wei. Chris Yang Wei holds CCIE certifications in all five Cisco certification domains (R&S, Security, Service Provider, Data Center, and Collaboration), and has over 25 years of network implementation experience and over 20 years of teaching experience. He is the ultimate guide for learning Cisco certification courses. In terms of course content and practical experience sharing, Chris Yang Wei is widely recognized as an industry leader. His courses are rich, easy to understand, and deeply insightful, particularly in the Collaboration course guidance and lab exercises, which have earned high praise from the Cisco original CCSI examiners.

The AI Network instructor team not only holds CCSI qualifications, but also holds top-level CCIE international certifications, ensuring their professional expertise is beyond doubt. Currently, AI Network is the only network and cybersecurity training center in the Taiwan market offering a full range of certification courses in Cisco’s other five domains (DevNet, Security, Service Provider, Data Center, and Collaboration). In addition to public certification courses, companies can also submit customized package course requests. AI Network’s professional instructor team will provide the most professional and customized package course, creating a brand new, competitive cybersecurity service team.

By learning Cisco certification courses at AI Network, you can receive the most comprehensive and professional guidance, making you more competitive in the workplace. Through AI Network’s Cisco certification courses, you can not only obtain world-recognized technical certifications, but also further enhance your skills and career development. Don’t miss Chris Yang Wei’s Collaboration certification course series, which will be the key to your career development. Please visit the AI Network official website for more details.

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